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Holy Trinity Church is a Grade 1 listed Georgian church in the centre of the City of Leeds. For the last ten years Arts@Trinity has operated successfully as a community arts venue within a small active church. It regularly hosts a range of arts events from concerts to exhibitions.

Holy Trinity Church is a valuable and viable building with a great ambience and acoustic. It has a major part to play in the City within the context of the Trinity Development. It is a centre that promotes the heritage of the building and its surroundings. It has become a creative and proactive venue capable of hosting a broad range of arts events and corporate activities, supported by new facilities. This allows a more flexible use of the space for many types of activities, supported by new facilities such as a café and improved toilet facilities, allowing for a more flexible use of the space. Arts@Trinity remains at the core of this venue providing quality entertainment and offering new talent the chance to perform. The Pioneer Ministers who are already in place bringing their mission to the city centre, equally, offer a needed ministry to many residents in the city centre. Together, Arts@Trinity and the Pioneer Ministers offer a warm welcome to all who wish to use the church for prayer, meditation or entertainment.

Holy Trinity Church, Leeds has long been recognised as a building of fine architectural quality. Described in the 19th century as a ‘correct and beautiful edifice’ (Whitaker 1816), it was in danger of demolition in the 1950’s, but reprieved in 1958 when "the Church Commissioners, declared it to be ‘a building of the greatest architectural distinction and importance and of historical interest". More recently the author of the new Pevsner Architectural Guide to Leeds was able to state that "Etty’s Holy Trinity Church still stands on Boar Lane as testament to the urbane taste and sophistication of early 18th Century Leeds".

Holy Trinity was originally a chapel of ease to the parish church of St Peter at Leeds, together with St John’s in Briggate and the eight chapelries forming the large parish. After considerable effort by Canon Richard Bullock (incumbent 1882-1899), Holy Trinity became a parish in its own right in 1885, with responsibility for an area enclosed by Park Row and Neville St on the west, The Headrow on the north, Briggate on the east, and the river on the south. The parish was extended first westwards in 1905 to take in the parish of St Paul’s following that church’s closure and demolition, and then to the east when it was united with St John’s, Briggate. Further change came in 1990 with the formation of Leeds City Parish, which excluded the former parish of St Paul’s.

Holy Trinity Church
Boar Lane

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