Business Plans


The key is the space. These are the uses to which we are aiming to put the space. This is also dependent upon the quality of the supporting areas – toilets, offices, changing rooms, bar, catering facility, etc.

Corporate events

  • Banquets/Conferences/Training workshops
  • Private weddings/Parties


  • Choir/choral performances – professional/school
  • Gigs and pop concerts – Leeds groups
  • Seek music groups to adopt HT as their preferred venue
  • Children’s Festival alongside the Leeds Music Festival
  • Create an ‘in house’ group for whom HT is ‘home’
  • Orchestral concerts
  • Chamber concerts – resident chamber orchestra


  • Schools’ shows for a public audience
  • Rehearsal space for other organisations
  • Local theatre groups
  • National theatre groups


  • Schools’ Festival exhibitions
  • Arts Departments of LU, LMU, Leeds Arts College, etc.
  • History of Leeds (semi permanent)
  • West Yorkshire Photographers – exhibition space

Community and Outreach

  • Children events
  • Den Experience/Circus/Craft Workshops
  • Ethnic and minority groups access
  • Education and community projects
  • Family open days with children’s’ workshops
  • Dance workshops
  • Markets – Arts, Crafts, books, etc.
  • Festivals and competitions involving schools and young people
Holy Trinity Church
Boar Lane

Ann Nicholl - Lay Minister:


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