1714 Thomas Layton: On 27th January 1714 Thoresby and the original group rode to Rawdon to see Thomas Layton, an acquaintance of Thoresby, who offered an immediate donation of £500 followed by another £500 when the inhabitants of Leeds had built up subscriptions of £1,000. He also promised £100 for every £200 thereafter.

Mayor of Leeds, William Rooke: £100

Ralph Thoresby: £10

Rev. Henry Robinson M. A. : The minister of St. John's Church, Leeds, (1683-1696). He was the son of the Vicar of Leeds (Henry Robinson B.C. 1632 - 1646) and the nephew of Leeds benefactor and founder of St.John’s Church, John Harrison. He endowed land in Wakefield valued at £2000, bringing in £80 per annum. His nephew Rev. James Scott M. A. was the first incumbent of Holy Trinity Church.

William Milner, Alderman of Leeds: Gave the initial sum of £200 for the building followed in 1727 by the rental revenue of 5 acres, 3 rods and 26 perches of land in Hunslet towards future repairs and upkeep of the new church.

By 26th April 1714 subscriptions had reached £1,000 and Layton gave his 2nd gift of £500.

1715 - Subscriptions were up to £1,500

1721 - Lady Elizabeth (Betty) Hastings of Ledston Hall, daughter of the 7th Earl of Hunting- don and a friend of Thoresby. She was a benefactor of many causes and gave a subscription of £1000 in the November of that year. Thoresby sent a letter of thanks.

Other donations and monies received from 1721 onwards.

Earl of Burlington

Lord Downe

Corporation of Newcastle - £35

Privately owned pews - £765.10s

Holy Trinity Church
Boar Lane

Ann Nicholl - Lay Minister:


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